Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pork Chops

Well hello gray skies, you're not making my life gloomy! In fact, I am quite pleased with myself for many reasons. This is a landmark achievement among a series of landmark achievements. For posterity's sake, let me list my day's achievements thus far:

1) Drew most excellent picture of fat man.

2) Embarrassed myself publicly by volunteering to go in front of class, and was utterly un-phased.

3) Walked in the rain barefoot.

4) Found most excellent finds in the library.

5) Did something delightfully passive aggressive.

6) Put on some lip balm that is currently making my life.

Despite these ever so fantastic achievements, I must go run now. I am sure this will only further the greatness of this day. Maybe I'll even have ice cream for dinner. I love college.

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